Bail Bonds Loans

Bail Bonds Loans

Need Money Fast to Post Bail?

Info about Bail Bonds Loans

If you are granted bail in NSW, you or an “acceptable person” who has known you for some time may need to deposit an amount of money with the court before you can be released. The bail money is called “security” and the person who puts up the money is called the “surety”.

The idea is that you are far more likely to attend court if a person that you know has deposited money for you – which they may forfeit if you fail to attend.

So what do you do if you have a loved one or a very good friend who needs bail posted fast but you don’t have sufficient cash funds immediately available to post bail? You, or that person in custody may be able to pawn a Car, Boat, Truck, Motorbike or other high value item with us to get the bail money very quickly. See what we pawn >

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We aim to keep it a simple process.

Using pawning a Car for example, once we assess and verify the car’s ownership – its registration and history – and your identification – we will let you know how much we will lend against the car • the interest rate we will charge you • and the final terms of the loan.

Phone Us ☎️ 1300 205 558 or fill-out our Online Enquiry Form and we’ll call you. Better still, we can come to you and offer a free pawn-value appraisal of the car.

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What happens when the person in custody owns the goods to be pawned? … obviously they can’t bring the goods to us for assessment?

If you are an ‘acceptable person’ but don’t own the goods to be pawned, but the person needing the bail does, and the conditions of the bail allow that person to post their own bail, so long as that person is able to provide you a letter of authorisation which duly authorises you to pawn the goods on their behalf, and provided there is no other legal impediment preventing them from doing so, then you would most likely be able to pawn the goods with us and obtain the money needed for bail.

Get Legal Advice First

Get legal Advice First for Bail

There might some legal requirements and implications that you should discuss with your lawyer before doing anything. For example, the NSW Bail Act 2013 (section 86) makes it an offence for any person to agree to indemnify another person against any forfeiture of the surety agreement. This prohibits direct bail bond type relationships.

Know about your rights after arrest in NSW. See the Law Society of NSW >>

U-Pawn is a high-value collateral lender specialising in pawning Cars | Motorcycles | Boats and Trucks. We also pawn Machinery | Recreational Vehicles | Bicycles | Caravans | Trailers | Farm Equipment and even Aircraft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have bail bond loans in Australia

Bail bonds loans do not exist in Australia as they do in the USA. Indeed, the situation as to making bail bond loans in the USA is very different to here in Australia; there, almost anyone can deposit bail security. In fact, there are thousands of bail bond loan agents who will deposit a security on your behalf for a hefty fee. So, bail bonds as we might understand them from TV, don’t exist in New South Wales or other states and territories of Australia. But in some circumstances you, or someone on your behalf, might be able to borrow money to post bail. Legal advice should be sought before you take any action to do so.

Do I have to be 18+ to pawn something?

In NSW a person must have attained at least 18+ years of age in order to pawn something.

Does the pawnbroker keep my goods as collateral?

Yes – this is because the pawn shop holds the pawned item as security against a loan until you repay the loan.

What’s the most a pawnbroker will loan?

At U-Pawn Pawnbrokers, we estimate pawnshops will lend you about 25% to 60% of the pawned asset’s wholesale value. It can pay to shop around and compare offers from several pawn shops since quotes can vary substantially; though we’re confident U-Pawn will loan you the most money when you pawn a car, motorbike, truck, boat or other large valuable with item with us.

Can you use a car as security for a loan if it’s not paid off?

In short, it is possible to use your car as collateral for a loan. … By putting up collateral, you assume more risk for the loan, so lenders may also offer lower rates in exchange. However, to use an item you own as collateral on a secured loan, you must have equity in it. We consider every loan enquiry on its own merits.

Do you have to pay back pawn loans?

Yes – you’ll typically be required to pay back the full amount of the pawn loan to reclaim your pawned item, though the amount of time you have to repay the loan can vary from state to state. The full amount of interest accrued on the loan must also be repaid.

Does pawning hurt your credit rating?

Thankfully, you won’t damage your credit rating at all by taking out a pawn loan. Pawn loans will never, ever impact your credit. If you fail to pay back your loan, the pawn shop will simply reclaim your item and sell it.

To learn more about our pawn loans please visit our FAQs page by clicking on the button below:

Frequently Asked Questions